HARP - Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction Program

Welcome to HARP a Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction program for women giving you the power to to take back control and drink alcohol within healthy guidelines or stop completely. The choice is yours.

Embrace a Journey of Transformation with the HARP - Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction Program for Women

Is a Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction Program for me?

Many women I see think they are the only one struggling with the control alcohol has on them. It’s not uncommon for individuals to know on some level that alcohol is affecting their health, their relationships, their work, their life in general but also have a fear of having less alcohol in their life because:

  • “How will I be able to cope without having a drink?”
  • “How will I be able to destress or relax?”
  • “How will I be able to have fun?”
  • ”People will think I’m boring and stop inviting me to things”
  • “How will I fit in at work, there’s quite a drinking culture here?”

You may have your own reasons for taking control and reducing alcohol intake, rest assured you are not alone. However, another common statement from my clients is “ Why can no-one see I need help?” Perhaps you have been trying to hide your drinking or those closest to you don’t know how to broach the subject. Many participants in my Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction Program have expressed similar concerns.

Empower yourself with HARP – Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction Program

There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of admitting you have a problem and seeking help.  Know that you hold the power to change your circumstances, being honest with yourself is a significant first step, and opening up to others can provide much needed support. Who knows, your decision to transform your life might even inspire others to do the same.

Taking this step forward with HARP, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that will provide you with a deeper understanding of:

  • The common reasons people drink alcohol and your relationship with it
  • The impact of alcohol on the body and mind psychologically and physiologically
  • Learn about the conscious and unconscious mind with respect to our wants and needs
  • Why it can be so difficult to stop or break free from the trap you’re in
  • Recognise denial and enabling behaviour
  • Understand anxiety and build strategies to overcome it
  • Boost confidence and self esteem so you no longer need alcohol as a crutch
  • Rediscover you true priorities in life
  • Unveiling the incredible future you can create when you Change Your Mind
  • Gain invaluable insights and tools to transform your relationship with alcohol
  • Setting your goals to live a healthy life to the optimum

What results can I expect from a Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction Program?

Whether you attend a face to face or online program being open and honest with yourself and completing all the exercises success is within your control.   The choice is entirely yours to cut down and stay within healthy guidelines or stop completely.
HARP is available in a number of formats so you can make the best choice that suits you.
  • One on one in the clinic or online via zoom
  • Live online group programs via zoom, structured over six weekly sessions to give you the opportunity to get the results you want to transform your life and reach your potential. The groups are small and respectful of others confidentiality and it is only natural that you may feel hesitant of joining a group (max 6) of women you don’t know initially. However they are all there for the same reason, you are not alone on your journey, the hardest is taking that first step to seek help.
  • Online Hypnotherapy Alcohol Reduction Program (HARP online) – if you feel more comfortable in the privacy of your own space. The program is self-directed, structured over six modules, I will be with you every step of the way. If you complete all the exercises that we do together and in your own time, success can be yours whether that is to stop drinking completely or cut down to within healthy guidelines.
  • Peer group Alcohol Reduction Program – Do you and your friends or colleagues ever broach the subject of alcohol consumption? Are your social gatherings still about connection, fun, activities or have they become dominated by alcohol and that’s the main reason you’re getting together? Maybe you haven’t thought about it or noticed someone’s struggling and trying to hide it. Perhaps you do Dry January or July together, it makes you feel better but you look forward to that first drink once it’s over to celebrate your virtuosity.  If any of this sounds like your circle contact me to discuss arranging a group program.  Not only will you be helping yourself to change your life, it may be the opportunity to save someone elses. 
Whatever your preference Secure your spot in a program today or Contact me if you want to know more.

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Meet Diane Kirkham

Hello, I am Diane Kirkham, a highly experienced Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. I am passionate about enabling individuals like you to rapidly transform their lives, cut down their alcohol intake to within low risk guidelines or stop completely. 

With years of experience gained from running successful one-on-one programs at my Clinical Hypnotherapy practice in Australia. Due to overwhelming demand from clients ready to change their lives, I have developed the Hypnotherapy Alcohol reduction Program (HARP) specifically for women. Regardless of your location, I firmly believe that geography should not be an obstacle to accessing the tools and support you need to achieve your goals.

By enrolling in HARP, you will benefit from my extensive experience and the proven strategies that have helped numerous clients to change their mind and take the right path to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

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